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Life has its ups and life has its downs. That is what I have learned over the last two weeks. One minute it can feel like you are watching paint dry and the next minute it is flying by at 100 MPH. You can be depressed and feel lost at one moment and then the next day almost instantaneously feel like everything is in perfect balance. Now I don’t want to sound bipolar but I have come to realize that personally, my happiness is dictated by my surroundings. And after spending a few weeks hibernating in the Iowa cold and watching my happiness deteriorate as the winter progressed, I realized that a change was necessary not only to help my training but also increase my overall quality of life. So by way of Louisville, KY (and Peachtree City, Georgia) I packed up my life and drove to Clermont, Florida.

Hopefully you got the chance to follow along with some of the festivities in Louisville but for those of you that were out of the loop, I was there for a better part of a week meeting my new Maverick Multisport teammates, having sponsor meetings and picking up my new gear. We had photo shoots, workouts, bike fits, lactate threshold testing and even made some time for a bit of fun. Not only did I end the weekend with a car-full of the latest and greatest triathlon gear but I also left with the motivation to keep pressing on with the hard training that will ensure 2015 is my best year yet. 
With spirits high, I piled up the car and hit the road. I accumulated my yearly dosage of 5-hour trainer rides and -30 degree runs through the ice-latent roads around Iowa City. It was time for sun, warmth and happiness. So after 12 more hours of driving over two days, I arrived here…. 
And I am happy to report, life here is amazing. I love it. Everything has fallen into place exactly how I had imagined, if not better. The new environment has given me that extra notch of motivation needed at the perfect time in the year. I wake up every morning and I can’t wait to start training. This attitude has allowed me to set a personal best 1000 swim and 20:00 power effort this week. And I’m hoping for more of the same when I toe the line at a half marathon this weekend. Not to mention I am surrounded by likeminded people who accept me for who I am and understand the dedication required to be the best in the sport. 
And it doesn’t hurt that I swim here everyday 
That’s all for now. Sorry if I made any of my Midwestern friends jealous. 
Take care, 

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