February Training Day

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If you have been following Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you probably have gathered the sense that life down here in Clermont is pretty sweet… I have been giving a few brief looks into my training with pictures and videos but because life is so awesome down here, I wanted to take everyone through a typical day in my new Florida life. So grab a pina colada, sit back and relax. Picture yourself soaking in the Florida rays and leave the training up to me!

  • 7:00 alarm (but like a fine tuned machine, I woke up on my own 5 minutes before as usual)
  • Roll out of bed, take down my clean clothes that have been hanging on the line outside to dry
  • Grab a few rice cakes with almond butter and a banana as I head out the door 
  • Drive over to the National Training Center 
  • Freeze my butt off as I sprint from the locker room, into the 50 degree tundra, clad only in my speedo and jump into the heated pool 
  • Hammer through a hard but very strong 5000 yard workout focusing on efforts with paddles, band and pull buoy 
Speedo tan lines are so hot right now
  • Drive home from the NTC (home being Sara McLarty’s house) 
  • Big ole’ breakfast and a cup of tea to warm up from the hypothermia I almost suffered exiting the pool (yes, Midwestern/ East Coast friends, I have now gone soft) 
  • Organize my gear for the rest of the day: map out my cycling route, program a workout into my Garmin, mix up my Infinit bottles, pump up the tires and throw on my cycling kit  
Shaking up my recovery drink post swim. I have a recovery drink after EVERY workout. No matter the duration or intensity. Your body is most receptive to muscle protein synthesis at two points throughout the day: directly post workout and when you sleep. 
  • Time for a ride! Today’s session was 73 miles in 3.5 hours with some low cadence, :60 hill repeats thrown in there for good measure. 
  • Want to geek out on numbers? Check out the ride on Strava here: https://www.strava.com/activities/250019711
  • 7-mile brick run off the bike done as 1-mile steady hard and then cruise the rest of the way. I ran the first mile in 5:13… Better than expected! I’ll take it. 
  • And if you geeked out on the bike, chances are you want to geek out on run data too. Here you go: https://www.strava.com/activities/250019202/overview
  • Another recovery shake down the hatch. I exclusively use Infinit Repair (use code ‘Maverick’ for 10% off if you feel like snatching some up yourself). 
  • And another rice cake with almond butter, a banana and a handful of raisins as I head back over to the National Training Center for my second visit of the day
  • Hour session in the gym to round out the day’s training mostly focusing on “pre-hab” exercises that prevent injury, strengthen the core and improve flexibility. 
  • Stop at the grocery store on the way home to pick up hummus and avocados 
  • Make an ENORMOUS salad consisting of raw spinach, cauliflower, carrots, snap peas, yellow squash, white onions, grape tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, beets, roasted turkey and said hummus/ avocados. Mmmmm… 
  • Briefly look over school work, decide to procrastinate and put it off until tomorrow 
  • Log my training sessions and analyze some of the data 
  • Respond to emails, check in on social media and write up this post! 
9:00pm- Out like a light to do it all over again tomorrow. 
I plan to put up more daily recaps like this in the future so let me know what you think! And feel free to fire away with questions. I’m an open book, so don’t be afraid to let me have it. Comment on Facebook, reach out on Twitter or hit me up on Instagram. Also, don’t forget to check out my new website justinmetzlertriathlete.com. There is an area on there to submit questions as well. 
Be happy my friends. Life is good. 

P.S got these made up this week. So. Pro.

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